32px-Flag_of_Germany.svgI worked as a consultant in different topics as you can see below. Click on the topic in the box for a short video.


Digital Transformation/             
Business 4.0 & Industry 4.0/             
Work 4.0            

› Companies of all industries
› Recording the digitization level and intentions
› data evaluation and interpretation
› Identification of measures as a function of company resources
› Set up a comprehensive contact network
› Workshops
› Membership in advisory boards (Learning Academy 4.0)

Market research/             
Communication: Marketing & PR            
(c) Ralph Hölzer/WillmyCC

Sebastian Gerth with students [(c) Ralph Hölzer/WillmyCC]

› Topics: Financial Services, Health, Web
› Measurement of service and consulting quality
› Strategic planning and alignment
› Data analysis

Students (of Communication Science and Digitization)            

› Professional supervision of studies (BA, MA » lectures) | University of Erfurt | University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
› Psychological counseling as part of the activity as lecturer

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